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Because nothing makes a sport greater
than an athlete with an infinite desire to improve.


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When you get better at something you will know it and so will everyone else.
But only you will know why.

When that moment arrives, here is what you will do:

Share it.

You will tell everyone what you did to achieve it.
Where they didn’t search.

What you have done differently.
The potion you take every morning.
Who you pray every night for your dreams to come true.

That is what the greatest do, share their secrets with everyone else, so they have to keep growing, to win again.

Because nothing makes a sport greater than an athlete with an infinite desire to improve.

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We are all here.
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Set your interests and goals, receive advice from other athletes and get ready to discover how they train, how they live and how they think.

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Share your Tips. Show us how you get prepared and how you improve. We are united by our curiosity to learn and our passion to teach. Give your all!

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What elite athletes have to say

I wish I had Sporttips when I was younger, it would have saved me many moments of unnecessary tears

Ona Carbonell

The more brilliant people you have around you, the brighter you are going to be.

Amaya Valdemoro

Sporttips is an opportunity to access services endorsed by athletes in a single click

Teresa Perales

The way the App organizes the services of an athlete is useful to focus priorities

Dani Caverzaschi

It is precious to be able to bring knowledge and experiences to all those people who look up to us

Patricia García Rodríguez

“…and many more athletes are joining, united in this revolution”

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